English and Arabic Learning Pad

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Contains a step by step visual and audio guide to praying salat – with pictures of each stage of the prayer as well as the audio recitation of the stages.

Buttons ranged along the top will let you hear the following surahs:

Surah An-Nas
Surah Al-Falaq
Surah Al-Ikhlas
Ayat ul Kursi
Kalima Tayyibah
Dua Qunoot

Contains the following Duas:
Dua when eating
Dua when making Wudhu
Dua on Leaving the Toilet
Dua on Entering the Toilet
Dua on Awakening
Dua when visiting the Sick
Dua when going on a Journey
Dua when Leaving the Home
Dua on Entering the Home
Dua on Wearing Clothes

Contains the following activities to help children learn:

Learn the Letter
Learn the Number
Find the Letter
Find the Number

Bright and colourful, this is sure to be a hit with children!

Volume Control
For ages 3 +
Requires 3 AA batteries

**This Ipad learning computer is in the English and Arabic language**

–> Music Free

Suitable Age: 3+
Product Size: 19*25*3cm